Across Dark


Sci-fi Action

Play time

6 30s / 10m


Happy / Sad

Video Format

3D & VR


A familiar voice calls upon her. Mia and her friends begin a journey to find her father and the “Cube” of infinite powers. Their journey across the dark space however, is not an easy road. Come join the spectacular space adventure.


With the development of the warp technology the human race can now travel freely to different part of space. Dr. Albert of SENA (Space Expedition company), discovers the “Cube” of infinite powers from a planet far away, and develops the technology to bring life from its power.


Despite his success, the limited resources on Earth suffocates human race, and Dr. Albert begins his expedition to find a habitable planet on the DMT100 (Dream of Mankind 100), only to become missing for over 20 years. Dr. Albert’s daughter Mia is continuing his research, and one day receives a distress call. The call is from Dr. Albert, and he has sent the whereabouts of the “Cube” on a planet far away. Only one more warp travel can be made with a small piece “Cube” left from Dr. Albert’s research. Mia and her colleagues must travel across the dark space to find the “Cube” and come back home .


Original XR content suitable for theme parks

Lotte World’s original content stemming from over 30 year of experience of Theme Park operation


Compelling story with immersive pre-show content

Fully immersive pre-show content applicable for theme park operation


Viewing choice and multiple endings

First XR simulator attraction in the world with 100 seats with the viewing choice of 3D and VR with Good and Bad Endings