Micro Venture



Play time

3 min

Max Throughput

60 people / hour 

(based on 5 player)

Min Req. Space

Min 6m x 7m


Devonia is a peaceful world of bugs, where different clans are living in harmony.

The magical stone Galba has been keeping the power balance between the clans until today. The evil Honey  Bee Clan, Obie, is trying to take away Galba to dominate Devonia. Obie must be stopped. 

Join the patrol with Captain Zio to find and defeat Obie, and keep peace of Devonia.


Be a mini and travel into the miniature world

Micro Venture transfers the miniature coaster experience into the real world. Its senses (sight and motion) are transferred by VR technology. Take a seat in Micro Venture to be a mini to travel into the miniature world.


Ride for the whole family

Designed as a family entertainment, Micro Venture can be enjoyed either on a simulator seat or inside the media tent with the HMD. All the family members can immerse into the miniature world


Fully featured dark ride in a tiny space

Micro Venture is a fully featured dark ride that combines miniature environment, AR effects, and VR animation. It delivers a unique experience of traveling in the miniature world, and engages the users in the immersive story of the dark ride, even is a very tiny space.

Featured in IAAPA Expo Aisa 2019